Enjoying luxury and comfort in a premium boat.

The Talamex Highline is manufactured of 0,9mm German Valmex® Mehler PVC fabric, the best quality available. Also, the PVC is thermal welded which fuses the PVC together and extends the boat's lifetime significantly. The boats are equipped with many unique features and the best European accessories. The Highline comes with a Bravo overpressure relief valve, anti spray flaps*, adjustable aluminium seat bench**, SS lifting and towing eyes, Bravo hard handles*, anti skid pads on the air floor and telescopic aluminium oars***. Additionally, the transom is virtually maintenance free as it is vinyl laminated. Moreover, the Highline is perfect for the davits as it has two SS lifting eyes in the transom and lifting D-rings on the inside of the boat. In the standard package of the boats is among other: a boat cover, repair kit, double-action handpump, fuel tank strap, mooring line and a packing bag. The boats have 3 year warranty and all Talamex boats are CE certified by the Dutch Marine Inspection, making them meet all European requirements! 

* except HXL series
** HLX400 standard comes with 2 aluminium seat benches
*** HLX400 has paddles

HXL X-Light: with air floor and clearly the lightest in the Highline range, a number of features have been skipped to ease the user friendliness and safe weight. Extra light due to its thinner rubbing strake and skipped handles and anti spray flaps
HLA air floor: the inflatable floor and keel create a V-shaped floor which give the boat excellent sailing and rowing qualities. Lightweight, small packed and quick to set-up
HLX aluminium floor: with inflatable keel and aluminium floor which provides great strength, stability and robustness. Perfect for planning. The HLX comes standard with a packing bag for the floor panels

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