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Use of E10 Petrol in Tohatsu Outboards

Use of E10 Petrol in Tohatsu Outboards

The fuel system components on your TOHATSU outboard are designed to withstand up to 10% (E10) ethyl alcohol (hereinafter referred to as the "ethanol"), content in the petrol.

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Repair Instructions for Inflatable Boats

The conditions in which repairs are carried out are very important:
- Hygronometry: 609'o Temperature: between 18 'C and 25 "C
- ln a dry, shady workshop
- Boat deflated or lightly inflated

For tears less than 30cm

a. Cut out a patch with rounded corners which overlaps the hole by 5cm on
all sides.

b. Trace an outline of the patch where it will be fitted on the boat ensuring
area around the damage is clean and dry.

c. Preparing the fabric - Hypalon/ Neoprene fabrics

- Abrade the surface of the patch and the surface to be repaired thoroughly
but, not to deeply as to expose the weave under the fabric coating.
-Remove dust and if available wipe with toluene and allow to dry for 15

Preparing the fabric - PVC/ Strongan/ Thermoplastic fabrics

-using MEK Solvent or acetone solvent and a clean cloth, wipe the repair
patch and the surface to be repaired. Surface should become sticky.

d. Applying the adhesive

-apply two pack adhesive for hypalon neoprene fabrics, or two pack
adhesive for PVC/ Strongan/ Thermoplastic fabrics, thinly and evenly to the
patch and the boat surface. Allow the first coat to dry for a minimum of 30
minutes or longer if possible before application of a second coat. When the
final coat is tacky, apply the patch and smooth own firmly with a rounded
object (i.e. knife handle) starting from the middle of the patch ad working
outwards, this removes any air bubbles.

-clean off any excess glue.

-allow to cure for at least 12 hours prior to inflation except in an
emergency when a temporary repair will surface.

For tears larger than 30cm

It should be noted that an Approved Service Station should repair larger damages.

Tracing slow punctures

If pressure is not maintained, trace the leak by painting over the soap lather and
mark the spot where bubbles develop and then repair as above.

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