Bombard Typhoons, Commandos & Sunriders


With the Typhoon, going out to sea can be decided instantly: light and non-bulky, it easily finds its place in the trunk of the car.  Simple, quick to set up and launch, it’s immediately operational. Strong, agile and safe, it makes it possible to navigate serenely.  Its quality / price ratio is excellent, something to preserve your budget to go out more often!


The Commando is a boat made for action.  It was built without embellishments: rigid keel, aluminum floor, it makes its way with power and precision, in all circumstances. Is it a surprise that it attracted explorers as well as fishing and spearfishing fans?


The Sunrider range offers the best quality to price ratio on the market. It optimizes your time on the water as your embark on an adventure with family and friends.


Each of the 5 ranges of the Explorer provide unique assets including a deep V hull, à la carte layouts, and a choice of buoyancy tubes.

Featured Brands