AKA Inflatable Boats

AKA Marine, is a brand of Zodiac Nautic Group  -  a company which has long been recognized as the international leader of inflatables and RIBS by offering unmatched quality products which have a proven track record for dependability and reliability.
AKA Marine’s mission is to offer specialists, first responders and the military the most effective and capable line of dedicated inflatables and RIBs on the market.  AKA Marine product lines feature proven French designs, cutting-edge technology and components, and unsurpassed workmanship and quality.  AKA Marine provides stable, agile and sturdy boats, so professionals around the world can stay safe while keeping us safe and secure.
They trust us - AKA Marine and the shipyard Couach are renewing the fleet of SNSM (French Sea Rescuer Company) in France. The first boats will be delivered in 2021, and during 5 years.

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