Johnson 09-1027B-1 Impeller Kit for F5 Pumps (MC 97)


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The genuine Johnson MC97 flexible impeller is suitable for general water-pumping duties such as engine cooling, water transfer, wash down and bilge water pumping purposes. The Johnson flexible pump impeller is designed to be installed to some of the F5 range of Johnson Pumps which suits the impeller dimensions listed below, including:

- F4B-9 pump models: 10-24086-1.

- F5B-3, F5B-302, F5B-3000, F5B-3020, F5B-30007 and F5B-30207 pump models: 10-22044-1, 10-22044-2, 10-24210-1, 10-24210-3, 10-24210-5 & 10-24210-7.

- F5B-5000 pump models: 10-24112-.

- F5B-8, F5B-802, F5B-8001, F5B-8007, F5B-8021 and F5B-8027 pump models: 10-24073-1, 10-24073-10, 10-24073-11, 10-24073-12, 10-24073-2, 10-24073-5, 10-24073-51, 10-24073-6, 10-24073-9, 10-24113-1, 10-24571-01, 10-24571-03, 10-24571-13, 10-24571-15, 10-24571-51, 10-24571-52, 10-24571-53, 10-24571-54, 10-35180-1 & 10-35180-2.

- F5B-9, F5B-902, F5B-903, F5B-905, F5B-9001, F5B-9002, F5B-9003, F5B-9004, F5B-9005, F5B-9006, F5B-9007 and F5B-9022 pump models: 10-11246-1, 10-13159-01, 10-13159-02, 10-13159-03, 10-13159-04, 10-13159-05, 10-13159-06, 10-13159-07, 10-13159-08, 10-13223-01, 10-13223-02, 10-13223-03, 10-13223-04, 10-13236-01, 10-13236-02, 10-13283-01, 10-13283-1, 10-13324-01, 10-13324-02, 10-13324-03, 10-13324-04, 10-13325-01, 10-13325-02, 10-13328-01, 10-13328-02, 10-13344-01, 10-13353-01, 10-13353-02, 10-13353-03, 10-13353-04, 10-13354-01, 10-13354-02, 10-13392-01, 10-13392-02, 10-22143-1, 10-22143-2, 10-22355-1, 10-22355-2, 10-24015-1, 10-24035-1, 10-24035-2, 10-24035-3, 10-24035-4, 10-24035-5, 10-24035-6, 10-24047-1, 10-24053-1, 10-24053-2, 10-24076-1, 10-24085-1, 10-24100-1, 10-24119-1, 10-24119-2, 10-24119-3, 10-24119-4, 10-24119-5, 10-24119-6, 10-24119-7, 10-24119-8, 10-24131-1, 10-24131-2, 10-24131-3, 10-24131-4, 10-24140-1, 10-24140-2, 10-24140-3, 10-24140-4, 10-24140-5, 10-24174-1, 10-24184-1, 10-24215-1, 10-24225-1, 10-24225-2, 10-24225-3, 10-24228-1, 10-24228-2, 10-24228-3, 10-24228-4, 10-24228-5, 10-24228-6, 10-24230-1, 10-24230-2, 10-24230-3, 10-24230-4, 10-24230-5, 10-24268-1, 10-24268-2, 10-24268-3, 10-24268-4, 10-24268-5, 10-24318-01, 10-24325-01, 10-24325-02, 10-24334-01, 10-24334-02, 10-24372-01, 10-24451-01, 10-24461-01, 10-24508-01, 10-24508-02, 10-24508-03, 10-24508-04, 10-32256-1, 10-35100-1, 10-35231-1, 10-35327-01, 10-35327-02 & 10-35327-03.

- Volvo Penta pump models: 3583089, 3807560, 3812693, 3812694, 3812695, 3812696, 3812697, 3812698, 3857794, 3858847 and 857451/P01.

- Bukh pump model: 610G0290.

MC97 has been developed to meet new environmental regulations for rubber manufacturing processes and will replace the regular Johnson neoprene impeller compound. The development of MC97 has also resulted in an extended service life of the impeller compared to impellers in neoprene.

The Johnson flexible pump impeller has twelve blades and is supplied complete with gaskets, O-ring, lubrication gel and instruction manual to aid installation of the impeller into the flexible impeller pump.

The Johnson 09-1027B-1 can be used to replace the Jabsco 1210-0001 Europe and USA flexible impeller, as well as Volvo Penta 825940 impellers. For applications containing diesel or light oils, use Johnson nitrile impeller 09-1027B-9.

It is highly recommended to make sure you use an original pump impeller for your flexible impeller pump as this will ensure that the quality complies with the performance and dimension requirements for each pump type. Johnson Pump impellers are manufactured in strict compliance with the pump specifications set by the engine manufacturers.

Impeller fits the following engines as standard:

- Beta Marine Beta 43 hp, Beta 50 hp, Beta 60 (58 hp) & XLD 418

- British Leyland 1:05, 1:08, 2:02 & 2:05

- Bukh 1G/2G/3G, 2G/3G 105M, DV36 ME/SME & DV48 ME/SME

- Fischer Panda Panda-PMS 15 KUB, Panda PMS 20 KUB, Panda PMS 25 KUB, Panda PMS 30 KUB, Panda PMS 40 MB & Panda PMS 50 MB

- Ford 2400, 2722, 2401E, 2701E, 2704E, 2704ET, 2704ETA, 2711E, 2713E, 2714E, FSD425, FSD425A Transit & FSD425B

- Isuzu 4BG1, 4JG2 & 6BG1 Gen-sets

- Lister Petter LPW4

- Mercedes OM636 & OM314

- Mermaid Marine FSE 425, Meermin, Merlin & Minuet

- Nanni 3.110 HE, 4.110 HE, 4.110 L, 4.150 HE, 4.180, 4.190 HE, MB180, MB220 & MB300

- Norfolk Marine 2722 & XLD

- Perkins 4.107MLL, 4.108 4 cyl, 4.108MLL, 4.236 4 cyl, 4.236, 4.236T, 4.236LL, 4.99M, 4.99M, M90/4HD76/6HD, M200, M240, M275 & T/H/HT 6.354M

- Sabre 80, 120 & 140

- Tempest Captain 1.5 & 1.8, Commander 2.5LR & 50HP (HX), Commodore 53 & Sea Prince 3000S

- Thornycroft 90E, 90/2, 108, 138, 152, 154, 160, 240, 251 & 331

- Vetus 36-22-11, 42-26-21, 42-26-26, 52-34-21, 52-34-26, M4.14, P4.17, P4.19, VH4.65 & VH4.80

- Volvo Penta 4.3GXi-A, 4.3GXi-B, 4.3GXi-BF, 4.3GXi-C, 4.3GXi-CF, 4.3GXi-D, 4.3GXi-DF, 4.3GXi-E, 4.3GXi-EF, 4.3OSi-B, 4.3OSi-BF, 4.3OSi-C, 4.3OSi-CF, 4.3OSi-D, 4.3OSi-DF, 4.3OSi-E, 4.3OSi-EF, 5.0GXi, 5.0GXi-A, 5.0GXi-C, 5.0GXi-CF, 5.0GXi-D, 5.0GXi-DF, 5.0GXi-E, 5.0GXi-EF, 5.0OSi, 5.0OSi-C, 5.0OSi-CF, 5.0OSi-D, 5.0OSi-DF, 5.0OSi-E, 5.7Gi, 5.7Gi-A, 5.7GiI, 5.7GiI-A, 5.7GXi, 5.7GXi-A, 5.7GXi-B, 5.7GXiI, 5.7GXiI-A, 5.7OSi, 5.7OSXi, 431A, 500A, 500B, 501A, 570A, 571A, 2003T, 2003TB, AQ21A, AQ180, AQ200, AQ200B, AQ200C, AQ200D, AQ200F, AQ205A, AQ211A, AQ225, AQ231A, AQ231B, AQ255B, AQ260, AQ260A, AQ271A, AQ271B, AQ271C, AQ271D, AQ280A, AQ290, AQ290A, AQ311A, EF3.0L, EF4.3L, EF5.0L, EF5.7L, MD21A & MD22

- Watermota Sea Ranger 90, Sea Horse 100 & 130

- Yanmar 3JH2, 3JH2-TBE, 4JH, 4JH-TE, 4JH-HTE, 4JH-DTE, 4JH-UTE, 4JIH2E, 4JIH2-TE & 4JM-TE, 1997 onwards: 3JH, 3JH4, 4JH & 4JH4.

As well as: Alaska Diesel M439, L439, M445, L445, M668, L668, M4219, L4219, M4239, L4239, M4276, L4276, M6414, L6414, American Diesel 4 cyl, Arona AD395, AD4100M, AD495, ARS Marine 2:05, Barnes Brinkcraft 2:02, 2:05, Bedford 220, BMW 410/411, B130, Bomac Marine 4 cyl, Burioli 2401E, XLD Escort, C-Power 3.239, 3.323, 4.120 2.2L, 4.18 1.8L, 4.220, 4.442, 4.450, 6.380, CMD AM45, HP80, CT Marine 1-8, 2-5 FSE, 22/2.5, 4.107, 4.108, CT40D 1.5L, CT50D 1.8L, CT60D 2.5L, CT80D, CT115 (6.98), CT120D, Dover 2722, FD80, FD120, LD40, LD50, LD60, LD115, DAF DF615MY, Diecon 3TNE78, 3TNE84-88, 4TNE84-88, 4TNE94-98, D1403, D1703, ED33, F2803, FD35, SD23, TD27, V2203, Diesel Auto Marine Damas, Dolphin Marine 2722 4 cyl, 2725 6 cyl, Altair, Altair II, Escort 1.6, Hadar II, Merak, Merak II, Saiph, Saiph II, Saiph 3, Vega II, Drinkward Motoren K3D, K4C, KE75, OM314, OM615, OM621, OM636, Dieseltechniek X4M88A, Ducati 21S, 21S593, FJ Fay V1902BG2, Flagship 350, FNM Diesel 1.3 ATI, Ford Lehman 4D50, 4D61, Gustavsson Motor 2710-15, 2722-25, Herald Marine 4:50, 4.120T, 0.229, High Power Marine 2:05, 2:05, 2712E, 4.108, 4.236, Indmar 200, Indu Marin 2710-15, 2722-25, Iveco-Aifo 804AM/M, 806AM/M, 8041M/SM/SRM, 8141M/SM, CO3M/SM, CP3M, UNO M40, KTT Motor 2000, 3000, Lehman 4D50, 4D61, Marine Craft 2401-2E, V8, Marine Exhaust 4 cyl, Marine Power 350, 4 cyl, Matra XD2P, XD2PS Turbo, JG Meakes 1500D (1.5L), 1800 (1.8L), 2500D (2.5L), Motor Marine Devon VW6, Motor og Prop XD3PP.62HK, Nedalo 2712, 2715, 2401E, 2402E, Panther Marine 350, Pathfinder Marine 4 & 5 cyl, PKF Marine 2722, 2725, 2726T, BSD444T, FSD425, Ruggerini PM105/2, RDM901/2, Sabb 2J, F210, F4.254, F4.415, F444, F6.380, F6.622, L2.093, L3.139, L4.186, M4.210, M4.295, Schlapkohl Lehman Power, Schwarting S615, S616, S617, S617A, S636, Sea Wasp SW8800 (11 kVA), SW10000 (12.5 kVA), SW13600 (17 kVA), SW16000 (20 kVA), Early SW20000 (25 kVA), Early SW24000 (30 kVA), Sole Diesel SM615, SM616, SM636, Telva Oy 2722E, Tingbrand 200TMB, 225TMB, 270TMB, 310TMB, Union Motor 220D, XD2P, Valmet Oy 310DM, 411DM, VM Motori 103 MH11, 103 MH11/SV, 104 MH11, 104 MH11/SV, 106 MH11, 106 MH11/SV, 116 DAN M, 804M, 806M, WM Diesel 22, 28, 35, 50 (Kubota D905, D1105, V1505, V2203), Vythoulcas K3E, K3H, K3M & York Power 4 cyl.

How to remove an old impeller:

Remove the impeller with slip joint pliers or a Johnson Pump Impuller

Part Number 09-800

How to fit a new impeller:

Lubricate the shaft and the inside of the pump body and the end cover. Use Johnson Pump Lubrication to help develop prime and prevent damage from dry-running the pump at initial start-up. Mount the impeller by making a pushing and twisting movement in the rotating direction. Lubricated impellers should not be stored for extended periods of time. The engine should be run after installation of a new impeller to wash out the lubrication. These recommendations apply to any service work on the pump and its components that require the use of lubrication inside the pump for assembly and start-up.

Warning! Do not use any petroleum-based products to lubricate the inside of the pump. Only use Johnson Pump Lubrication. Other products can damage the impeller which will damage the pump and lead to engine failure. Do not run the impeller without water or lubricant; this can cause engine failure or a fire.

1. A vacuum is created as the flexible impeller vanes straighten upon leaving the cam drawing liquid into the pump.

2. The rotating impeller carries liquid from the inlet to the outlet port. As a consequence of their design flexible impeller pumps can pass fairly large solids.

3. When the flexible impeller vanes regain contact with the cam they bend and the liquid is discharged from the pump in a uniform flow. Liquids can be pumped in the opposite direction by reversing the rotation of the pump.


Material MC97
Primary Construction MC97
Suitable For Beta Marine|BMW|Bukh|Ford|Isuzu|Kubota|Lister|Marine Power|Mercedes|Mermaid|Nanni|Perkins|Thornycroft|Vetus|Volvo|VM|Yanmar
Impeller Shaft Diameter 16mm
Number of Impeller Blades 12
Drive Type Description Spline Drive
Replaces Impellers: Jabsco 1210-0001, Volvo 3855546, 825940, 860203 & 875811, Yanmar 129470-42530 & 129470-42530, Onan 132-0162, Perkins 0460038
Brand Johnson
Application Some F5 Johnson Pumps
Model 09-1027B-10
Depth 31.85mm (1-1/4")
Diameter Description 57.1mm (2-1/4"), ID: 16mm

Manufacturer Part Number: 09-1027B-1



Showroom & Postal Address:

Chas Newens Marine Company Limited
Ashlone Wharf Boat Yard
SW15 1LB 


0208 788 4587

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