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Quicksilver QS 250 2.5 metre Deluxe Quick Silver - Mercury Inflatable Boat with Air Floor - QS250EAD

  • £ 1,099.00

Great quality inflatable
This is a NEW Quicksilver 270EAD which is now made by Mercury in their logo (They bought Quicksilver!) The new code for this boat is QS250EAD because now the tails are rounded the overall length tip to tip is close to 2.50m
The usable space and specifications are the same as the original QS270EAD.

The boat is:-
2.53m long
1.54m beam
40cm tube diameter
grey colour
545 kgs max payload
8hp max outboard allowed standard shaft
40 kgs weight
3 chambers in the pontoons and one inflatable keel
Inflatable air floor
Included:- carry bag, oars, rowlocks, pump, rigid seat

Available to send anywhere in the world but we are based in London



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