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Zodiac Pro 420 RIB (7 Man)

  • £ 4,950.00

This is a brand new white hull boat with a red and black removable tube. This boat is not fitted with seats, console or engine, so can be fully customised to meet your own specification.

The PRO CLASSIC was designed to offer unparalleled safety on board. Besides its non-slip deck, the boat’s inner hull is higher to allow the transporting of pointed objects (spear guns, fish hooks, etc.) without needing to protect the buoyancy tube

Entirely adjustable thanks to its flat surfaces, a whole à la carte range of accessories can be added. The seats, consoles or bolster offer you the possibility of fitting out your boat to suit your taste and needs.

The tubes are removable as per the very clever Zodiac system that has now been around for quite some years. This has multiple advantages over glued on tubes, including ease of cleaning, winter storage, repairing, and later on in its life if you fancy a change you can just buy a new tube and fit it. The neighbours will be envious, believing you to have a new boat!

2 paddles
Foot pump
1 pressure gauge plug
Repair kit
Owner’s manual

    DIMENSIONS (m - fe)
    Length overall 4.20 - 13’9
    Inside length 2.90 - 9’6
    Width overall 1.90 - 6’3
    Inside width 0.95 - 3’1
    Tube diametre 0.46 - 1’6

    Passengers (ISO) 7
    Max payload allowed (Cat C) (Hp - kW) 780 - 1720
    Max payload allowed (Cat B) (Hp - kW) -
    Total weight (kg - lbs) 181 - 399
    Airtight compartments 3
    HULL STORAGE (m - fi)
    Hull length: 3.63 - 11’11
    Hull width 1.24 - 4’1
    Hull height 0.69 - 2’3”
    Hull angle (°) 19.0

    Shaft Long
    Min recommended power (Hp - kW) 15 - 11
    Max recommended power (Hp - kW) 40 - 30
    Max power allowed (Hp - kW) 50 - 37
    Max speed (Km/h - mph) 59 - 37

    Deep V-shaped polyester hull
    Moulded non-slip deck
    1 bow ring
    2 tow rings
    Lockable bow locker
    Aluminium engine mounting plate
    1 high volume bailer
    Strongan™ Duotex™ 2 x 1100 decitex fabric
    Hypalon™-Neoprene™ fabric (optional)
    Easy push valves
    Polyamide lacing cuff + safety grab lines
    Non-slip patch
    Wide anti-chafing deflector fender
    4 External Handles
    1 Internal Handle
    Cone Reinforcers

      Accessories, Consoles, Seats, Engines and electronics are all available for this boat. please contact us for further details

      Viewings are welcome at our Putney Showroom by appointment, Please Call 02087884587 and ask for James

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