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Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure

Curtis Marine/Meridian Zero

Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure

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Unique Penetrating Formula

Formulated to be as thin as water, Captain Tolley’s draws into the tiniest of cracks and gaps using capillary action.

Acting like water, it fully permeates the damaged structure, tracing a leak to its source.

Product Features

  • Liquid sealant/adhesive with exceptional penetrating properties
  • Travels deep inside the narrowest of cracks before making a waterproof seal
  • Traces and seals leaks caused by hairline cracks in the home, boats, motorhomes and vehicles
  • Quick and easy to use - no dismantling of parts required
  • Dries transparent and flexible

Product Description

What is Captain Tolley? Captain Tolley's is a liquid sealant/adhesive with exceptional penetrating properties. Formulated to be thinner than water, it uses capillary action to penetrate deep INSIDE the narrowest of surfaces before making a firm yet flexible CLEAR waterproof seal.

It's perfect for TRACING and sealing leaks caused by hairline cracks. Being water-based it follows the route water would take, sealing even fissures that are hidden to the eye. It's also QUICK and EASY to use. As the sealant can penetrate deep into structures there's no need to take items apart or put them back together.

What can I use it for?

In the HOME: Fix rainwater leaks in flat roofs, masonry and joinery. In the bathroom and kitchen seal sinks, shower trays, worktop joints, inset sink surrounds and such like. Make in situ repairs to veneers, wood joints, leaded windows, ceramics (teapots, bowls etc.) as well as to items exposed to the elements such as outdoor lamps. Also suitable for waterproofing earthenware items.

CARS & CARAVANS Perfect for sealing windows and windscreen surrounds, rivet holes, trim, gullies and skylights. Has been welcomed by vintage and veteran car enthusiasts in particular.

BOATS Capt. Tolley was originally invented for boats so it's no surprise that it excels in this area. Very effective for fixing leaking windows, porthole surrounds, portlights, decks, coach roofs and centreboard casings. Ideal for sealing around stressed items such as deck fittings It's compatible with wood, rubber, glass, metals, perspex, glass fibre, ceramics, concrete, brickwork and old sealants. How do I use it? Ensure crack is clean & free from grease.

Apply SPARINGLY from bottle at 30 min intervals until crack is filled. Remove excess immediately with a damp cloth. Rapid penetration indicates the source of a leak, so check for wastage. Replace cap after use. For accurate control, inject with a hypodermic syringe.

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