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Fladen 1 Piece Flotation Suit

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One of the lightest flotation suits on the market. This is a very affordable one piece flotation suit that does not compromise safety. 

The buoyancy requirements set by EN393 regs state that a suit of size XL must have a buoyancy of at least 50 newtons. The Fladen suit has a buoyancy of 85 newtons, which means it exceeds the 'basic' standards by a considerable margin, making it safer than other competing products. This product, is also one of the few suits in the UK meeting ISO15027-1 which basically means it is an approved and tested immersion suit (i.e. will protect you from the cold of the water, as opposed to just keeping you afloat).


  • Immersion suit standards ISO 15027-1 compliant
  • Flotation garment EN393 compliant
  • Solas/UCG reflectors (400cm/sq)
  • Neoprene inner-cuffs
  • CE 394 Approved Whistle
  • Insulated Hood and Collar
  • 7 Pockets (2 fleece lined)
  • Hi Vis Fluorescent Colours
  • Double stitched water-tight seams

Total weight - approx. 2.2kg - This is very light for a one piece suit!!

This is an excellent quality flotation suit, which you could EASILY pay in excess of £120 for in many retail fishing shops. We supply the yellow & blue suit as shown in the photographs. As well as sea, shore or big lake fishing these are also ideal suits for hand gliding, micro lighting and anywhere else where warmth and visibility are important - in fact - we have sold them throughout the UK and overseas to people in all walks of life...

These suits are in stock all year round and available for immediate shipping or collection. 

Size Weight Length
 XXS   40 – 60 kg 140 – 153 cm
XS    50 – 70 kg 153 – 160 cm
S      50 – 70 kg 160 – 167 cm
70 – 90 kg  167 – 175 cm
80 – 100 kg  176 – 183 cm
XL  90 – 110 kg  183 – 190 cm
XXL  90 – 135 kg  190 – 198 cm 

Please call us to check sizing if you are unsure.

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