Sunsport Inflatable Kayak Narrow Beam Canoe 350

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Brand New Sunsport Inflatable Narrow Beam Canoe / Kayak

These new SunSport Kayaks are built to give you lots of fun on the water without breaking the bank. There are two models both 3.5m long. The Narrow Beam model comes with a soft tail and a detachable outboard bracket [max 4hp), whilst the Wide Beam model has a solid transom that can take up to 6hp. They come complete with paddles to complete the package.

Motor/tiller mount plates.
Removable inflatable seat.
Lightweight and easy to carry.
Orca 1100 Decitex Polymer tubing.
Oars included as standard.
Euro-style tubes for more room.
Robust rubbing strake.
3 separate air chambers.

Narrow Beam version
3.47 metres long 11.27 feet overall length
1.13 metres width 44 inches
41 cms 16 " tube diameter 
20.4 kgs (45 lbs ) weight 
3 x separate air chambers and inflatable floor for comfort 
Carries 4 + persons
Max HP 6 but a 2.5hp is also great on this kayak

It comes with an inflatables seat, paddles and the bracket for the outboard motor 

Great quality product made from 1100 decitex Orca Fabric